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Value Proposition

Why use Intrwiz?

Turn-Key Technology allowing your agents to compete with OTAs

  • State of the art turn-key technology that allows you to have a white label website enabling you to fully function like an OTA with your own user hierarchies, booking engines, price controls and GDS
  • Create and manage multiple client inquiries on a productive, organised dashboard with access to easy reports, intelligence for upselling campaigns
  • Queue your booking engines, GDS feeds to automatically generate dynamic, interactive itineraries / trip planners for existing bookings on a single dashboard
  • Admin module / Control Panel access for full range of customization including platform pricing, look and feel, user management, supplier management, booking enablement, custom messaging etc.
  • A one stop shopping experience for your clients to engage in real time with Friends and Family
  • A one stop product researching experience for agents to search and save travel products
  • Interactive itineraries are updated real-time to show booking and search efforts

Enterprise Level Tools to manage leads through all stages

  • Keep better organised with our agent trip dashboard for leads, sales and productivity results
  • KPIs on each lead are tracked to provide travel agents with business intelligence on each of their customers to help convert
  • Targeted marketing and messaging in tandem with your handpicked travel supplier content based on clients behavioral, social and transactional data aimed at conversion and up-sell
  • Create, manage group or individual bookings, inquiries and bulk user based campaigns for clients. Promote specials and track all of the above on one dashboard
  • Manager access to back-end provides Key Performance Indicators on all agent leads, numbers and activity
  • Agent access to back-end activity tracking delivers real-time data on leads per day, conversion, incremental customers and much more
  • Interact real time with your clients and convert leads into closed sales and upsell them at any time. Stay connected with clients through all stages of their trip and help plan their next

Extended your reach and drive incremental sales

  • Leverage your customers social networks to drive incremental bookings and upsell content of your choice
  • Customers can engage friends and family to collaborate creating a viral effect for your brand, content and bookings
  • Keep in touch with your clients to achieve viral sales from collaboration and smart upselling before, during and after their trip & re-engage them for their next
  • Every inquiry / requested booking allows you to follow your own process by using your booking methods and simply uploading your branded e-docs, invoices and managing their itinerary through-out the trip in a private and secure web environment
  • Connect with clients, their friends and family throughout every stage in the trip planning process