About Intrwiz

We create unique B2B and B2B2C Online Booking Solutions with world class content that are easily adopted, simple to use and fully integrated with a Collaborative Travel Agent dashboard allowing Travel Agents to manage each of their customers in real time.

Our solutions provide travel agents with the necessary business intelligence on every lead which dramatically improves their conversions and create efficiencies through the sales process.

Purpose built online B2B and B2B2C Booking Solutions

Fully Customizable B2B and B2B2C Online Booking Solutions for Air, Hotel, Car, Activities, Tours and Cruise.

Comprehensive reporting, integrated customer profiles, XML hand off to back office.

Our solutions are all supported with an experienced 24/7 B2B support infrastructure that are connected to each trip and available to assist you at any stage of the booking.

Keep it all in one place

The integrated dashboard allows provides seamless management of each booking in real time and the Intrwiz Control panel allows full customization of the platform with the ability to launch the solution across your entire network and manage each agent centrally.

Comprehensive search saves you time and money.

A unique end to end experience

Our unique solution allows our clients to view content from multiple sources to provide full visibility of rates from across the industry.

We are very proud to unleash our latest innovative technology solution geared to help our Partners streamline their productivity and maximize Conversions.

Riaz Pisani — CEO, Intrwiz

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